‘Emmerdale’ Spoiler: Belle Dingle And Dr Bailey Caught Out?

Their romantic liaison doesn't go to plan.

It looks like Belle Dingle’s secret affair with a married man could be found out in ‘Emmerdale’.

The teenager has secretly kissed Dr Bailey on a number of occasions, and later this month, she decides to take things one step further and arranges for them to spend an evening at the factory. Yeah, the factory. Everyone’s favourite romantic spot.

<strong>Will the duo continue seeing each other if they get caught out?</strong>
Will the duo continue seeing each other if they get caught out?
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However, things don’t exactly go to plan, when the candles Belle has lit to errr, set the mood, fall and catch fire.

To make things even worse, Lisa is on her way back to the factory as she’s forgotten her handbag. Will she catch her daughter in the act?

When Belle and Dr Bailey hear Lisa, who is accompanied by Rakesh, panic ensues.

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Actress Eden Taylor-Draper, who has played Belle since 2005, previously teased the age gap storyline, revealing that the doctor’s wife will arrive in the Dales in the near future.

“His wife is wanting to settle down and have kids,” she said. “He’s been at medical school all his life, so it’s like Belle is his last bit of fun before he settles down to have children.

“Her heart is in it. She doesn’t enjoy being his bit on the side.”

It will be an eventful week for Belle, as not only is there the fire, but she’ll also have a dramatic clash with her stepmum-to-be Joanie.

These ‘Emmerdale’ scenes air on Thursday 21 April. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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