'Emmerdale' Spoiler: Tess’s Husband Is On The Warpath

Watch out, Paddy!

Tess’s husband Pierce wastes no time in hunting down Paddy Kirk in 'Emmerdale', when he finds out his wife’s secret lover was the village’s vet.

Paddy’s wife Rhona accidentally lets slip the truth about Tess’s secret relationship with her own husband, when she goes to meet with Pierce, who is played by Dales newcomer Jonathan Wrather.

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Emmerdale's Paddy Left Red-Faced

Despite reassuring Paddy that she won’t tell Pierce that he was the one enjoying secret trysts with Tess, Rhona’s emotions get the better of her, and she ends up spilling all.

A furious Pierce then heads straight to the Woolpack, where he lands a punch on Paddy.

Paddy and Rhona have been determined to pick up the pieces of their marriage following Paddy’s indiscretions however, there have been a number of problems.

The couple are still planning to adopt a child together, but at Ashley and Laurel’s wedding - which viewers can see on Thursday 17 March - Rhona makes a shocking admission that could change things.

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