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‘Emmerdale’: Who Should Cain Dingle Be With? Cast Your Vote…

Which couple are you shipping?

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A new soap odd couple was born in Tuesday (28 March) night’s ‘Emmerdale’, when Cain Dingle shared a kiss with vicar Harriet Finch.

But while many viewers - including us, to be honest - are enjoying the pairing, some of fans took to Twitter to call for Cain to get back with one of his former flames.

The Dales bad boy has had a number of romances during his decades in the village, but so far, two ladies definitely stand out as the loves of his life: Moira Barton and Charity Dingle.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Harriet and Cain manage anything more than a fling, but in the meantime, there’s plenty of fun to be had in deciding which couple you want to stand the test of time.

And yes, we’re going to be using their dodgy couple names. 


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Yes, Harriet and Cain already have a couple name. Quite frankly, we’re enjoying the idea of Cain and a vicar shacking up together, and remaining that way until the end of time.

The only downside is that he might actually clean up his act in the end, and nobody wants that.



We’ll be the first to admit to shedding a tear when Cain showed his soft side at his 2014 wedding to Moira, but it’s fair to say things haven’t gone entirely smoothly for the pair.

While they’ve supported each other through various tribulations, their fall-outs have been huge and Charity has thrown a spanner in the works more times than we can count.


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The Dingle family tree is very complicated, but yes, Cain and Charity are related in some way - though that hasn’t stopped fans from shipping the couple.

Over the years, the duo have been through many phases, and despite the fact they welcomed daughter Debbie, have failed to make it work.

Would you like to see them give it another go? Let us know in the poll below…

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