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‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Here’s Everything We Can Tell You About ‘No Return, Returns’ Week

It's all kicking off in the Dales 🔥

Nobody does October drama quite like ‘Emmerdale’ and once again, the soap’s bosses have got something seriously special planned this Autumn.

Following the success of last year’s week of ‘No Return’, this October will see ‘No Return… Returns’ week - yes, that’s really what it’s called - take place.

And while many huge storyline details are being kept under lock and key, there are some things we’re allowed to reveal before it all kicks off on Monday 2 October…

Emma Barton will be at the centre of it all

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Gillian Kearney’s character will be the driving force behind the episodes and viewers will see her confront Moira Barton, over her feelings for James.

Despite the fact Moira tries to stop the situation from getting out of hand, the pair end up coming to blows. It’s at this point that…

A giant fire breaks out

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The pictures from this are seriously spectacular and the story of how it breaks out is one of the most ‘Emmerdale’ things to ever happen. As the two women are fighting, a pitchfork(!) will knock over a light and the whole barn will then set on fire.

With both of their lives in danger, Moira will plead with Emma, begging her to stop fighting and find a way out.

Emma has blood on her hands 

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Adam and Victoria rush to help when they see the barn on fire, but are left dumbstruck when Emma emerges and is covered in blood. He chases after her with a gun, but she somehow manages to get her hands on the weapon.

Someone gets shot

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Emma fires the gun in the dark, leaving a mystery resident seriously injured. Who could it be? And will they make it out alive?

At least one person will die 

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While we have no idea who it is, bosses have confirmed that one character will lose their life. But who?

There’ll be a singles’ night at the Woolpack  

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On a much lighter note, Tracy will organise a singles’ night with the hope of setting up some new couples in the village.

A reconciliation could be on the cards for Adam and Victoria, as when the former finds out his ex is attending, a confrontation between them leads to a kiss.

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