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‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Sex Tape Storyline Lined Up For Pierce Harris And Rhona Goskirk

His actions will continue to drive a wedge between Rhona and Vanessa.

A dark twist is ahead for Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk and Pierce Harris, when a sex tape storyline develops.

In recent weeks, viewers have seen Pierce become more and more controlling, even forcing himself on Rhona in one shocking scene, and he’s now set to film their escapades and hold the tape against his partner’s wishes.

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Pierce has gradually become more controlling 

It all happens when Rhona models some lingerie for Pierce, who films her doing a striptease, but unbeknownst to the vet, he leaves the camera on as they take things to the next level.

When she asks him to delete it, Pierce secretly keeps the footage and uses it in his battle against Rhona’s friend Vanessa.

Actor Jonathan Wrather, who plays Pierce, explains: “Vanessa sees right through Pierce. At this point, Pierce finds that threatening.

“He wants to control the situation by deliberately working it so it looks like Vanessa has gone onto his laptop without permission and found this sex tape that Rhona and Pierce have made privately. 

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Will Vanessa be able to convince her friend to see Pierce's true colours?

“Afterwards, Vanessa insists that Pierce said she could use the laptop for work, but he completely denies it and lands her in it.

“All it does is drive a wedge between Rhona and Vanessa. It keeps her out of the picture.

“Eventually Rhona will tell Vanessa that she doesn’t need or want her in her life. Initially Rhona asked Vanessa to be maid of honour at the wedding, but then she changes her mind because she feels betrayed by Vanessa.”

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