19/10/2016 19:32 BST

‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Stunt Will Be A HUGE Car Crash - But Who Dies In Friday's Episode?

We'll be saying farewell to at least one character...

‘Emmerdale’ fans have been on tenterhooks waiting to find out what this week’s mystery stunt is, and we can now reveal that it will be a gigantic car crash.

Two episodes of the soap will air on Thursday (20 October), and they’ll see nine characters’ live in danger when the horrific accident takes place.

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A number of cars will be involved in the tragic accident 

So far this week we’ve seen three episodes, each focussing on different character groups, first up were Robron (who have Lachlan in the car boot), then Pierce Harris, Paddy Kirk and Rhona Goskirk, and finally, Emma and James Barton.

The first of Thursday’s shows will start with Ashley Thomas, who gets behind the wheel of a car he hasn’t driven in months, while thinking that he’s late for his daughter Dotty’s Christening.

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As you can see from these new snaps, the carnage that ensues is huge. But who will lose their life?

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The incident will have huge ramifications for a number of the village's residents 

It looks like Ashley manages to escape his vehicle a after the crash, but his dementia symptoms could continue to cause problems.

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Ashley stands in front of a section of the wreckage 

Meanwhile, Rhona and Paddy - who are hot on Pierce’s heels just before the incident - do not look to be in a good way.

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Will they make it through? 

Then there’s Emma and James, who weren’t in a vehicle but somehow manage to be involved in the carnage, while Aaron and Robert have Lachlan, who is tied up in their boot, to deal with. If they survive that is…

At least one character will die, but we won’t find out who until Friday’s (21 October) episode.

Who do you think we’ll be saying goodbye to? Read our ‘Emmerdale’ episode guides and vote in the poll below…

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