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‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Pete Barton, Leyla Harding And Priya Sharma Stars Reveal What’s Next After Wedding Drama

Anthony Quinlan, Roxy Shahidi and Fiona Wade spill the beans.

It was the wedding everyone in the Dales had been waiting for, but in Thursday (17 August) night’s ‘Emmerdale’ double bill, Pete Barton and Leyla Harding failed to get hitched - both choosing to climb out of the window and run off instead.

Hilariously, the toilet windows they climbed out of were next to each other and embarrassing scenes ensued as the couple’s family members attempted to help them free.

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The action didn’t end there though with things taking a more serious twist, as Pete passionately kissing Priya Sharma (again!) while an oblivious Leyla agonised over whether calling off the wedding was the best idea.

Quite frankly, there was a lot going on and the drama is set to continue in the coming weeks, as actors Anthony Quinlan, Roxy Shahidi, Fiona Wade revealed when HuffPost UK caught up with them at a recent press event.

Here’s everything they told us about what’s coming up…

There’s going to be a focus on friendship

The soap’s producer Iain MacLeod was also present to spill the beans and explained that Leyla and Priya’s relationship is “one of the most interesting things” about the upcoming episodes.

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Leyla still has no idea about the betrayal 

“People keep talking about Pete cheating on Leyla, but the real betrayal is between the two best friends,” he said. “The story focuses on that actually. I think Pete realises the error of his ways and once lust has ebbed away you’re left with the person he has a genuine connection with, he’s going to come to realise.

“But it’s not the end of the story and it’s not the end of Pete and Leyla.”

Which is Priya’s priority 

Yes we know, she does have a funny way of showing it. Fiona told us: “She [Priya] really wanted this to work for her best friend and she really wants to be Leyla’s best friend and again she felt really guilty.

“This is going to be really difficult now because she needs to be a friend for her.”

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Pete also made a break for it 

Anthony Quinlan thinks Pete should come clean

He said: “I think Pete should step up to the plate, personally, and do the right thing. Adam [Barton] threw a spanner in the works because Pete’s intention was to do that.

“Pete really loves Leyla but he’s madly in lust with Priya. Personally I think he should step forward and do the right thing.”

And agrees he’s a ‘dirty dog’

That’s one of puttting it, we suppose. Anthony said: “Pete’s a dirty little dog, isn’t he? Ultimately he doesn’t want to upset her, that’s why he wants to come clean, he does love her but he wants to be with Priya as well.

“He wants to do the right thing but he doesn’t know what the right thing is, and unfortunately neither do I.

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Leyla could forgive Pete

Admitting that she thinks her character will struggle to draw a line under the relationship, Roxy conceded: “I think initially she could forgive him and I think that’s because of her desire to.

“I think if he cried enough and he was sorry enough, because she’d want to believe in him because she wants to be with someone and she wants to make a go of it… but, I think she’d then punish him for the rest of his life.

“I don’t think it would work out long term, because the pain is so deep.”

But not her best friend

It seems Fiona’s hopes of seeing her character remains BFFs with Leyla are about to be dashed, as Roxy told us categorically: “I don’t think she’d forgive Priya.” Ouch.

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Priya and Pete might not to stay away from each other

The pair’s secret tryst was the catalyst for Pete’s wedding nerves, hence why our jaws dropped to the floor when we saw the groom (well, he was nearly a groom) back kissing his wife’s pal.

Sadly, for viewers hoping their latest moment of passion would be the last, the cast made numerous hints that we may see the pair together again, with Anthony admitting Pete is “in lust” with Priya. Will they hook up again? Watch this space...

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