08/06/2017 11:10 BST | Updated 08/06/2017 11:46 BST

General Election 2017: The Emotional Stages Of Polling Day, As Explained By Cats

Vote meow 🐾

sdominick via Getty Images

It’s polling day and millions of people are out in force to have their say on the future of the nation.

While general elections only roll around every five years - unless there’s a surprise snap election, that is - they are always guaranteed to bring a hearty dose of anxiety, anger and disbelief. 

Here, a bunch of cats walk you through the emotional stages of the big day.

1. You’re awake. It’s time to vote.

*Saunters on down to the polling station*

2. You arrive there and briefly question your decision.

Did I do that online quiz correctly?

3. You fill in the box and run.

Quick, before you change your mind. 

4. And now, you wait.

Tomorrow’s result feels so far away.

5. You spend the rest of your day talking politics with colleagues.

Despite worrying you’ll get annoyed over conflicting opinions.

6. You promptly fall out with half of them.

And vow not to speak until it’s all blown over. 

7. You go home and ponder the future of Britain.

It looks bleak. 

8. You spend the rest of the day scrolling Twitter.

#GE2017 is the gift that keeps giving.

9. You get annoyed by a tweet and shut it down.

Time for a nap.

10. You slowly become more anxious as the day ticks away.

Is it Friday yet? 

11. You try to distract yourself. 

Gym? Netflix? ANYTHING?! 

12. You’re knackered and the only thing to do now is sleep.

Easier said than done.

13. You lie in bed thinking about what kind of result you’ll wake up to.


14. You allow yourself to be hopeful.

British people will do what’s right. Right?!

15. But then you recall the track record.

Tomorrow needs to get in the bin.