The Many Relatable Stages Of When Your BFF Gets A BF

Two's company....

Having a best friend is almost like have a significant other.

After all, you text them more than anyone else, you see them at every available opportunity and you turn to them when you’re feeling down.

So when your BFF gets and actual BF it’s an emotional affair all round.

1. At first you’re super excited.

2. If you’re single you’re glad she’s happy.

3. If you’re in a relationship you start planning double dates.

4. Then, she starts ignoring your texts.

5. You shrug it off because maybe her phone’s broken.

6. But then you see she’s posted new couple pics on Instagram.

7. You call her non-stop until she answers.

8. But she won’t commit to a date for lunch.

9. You’re angry.

10. Then you’re sad.

11. Until she calls to say she’s had an argument with bae.

12. At first you feel a little smug.

13. But you help her through it, because that’s what friends do.

14. They sort things out, but that’s okay.

15. At least now the honeymoon period is over, you know your BFF will never stray far again.

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