24/06/2018 16:21 BST | Updated 13/07/2018 00:34 BST

England V Panama: 31 Tweets Capturing The Euphoria Of England Fans As 'It's Coming Home' Started Trending

Steady on, everyone.

There are no easy games in international football, the experts said, after England’s dramatic late win against Tunisia in the country’s opening group game.

So before the match against debutants Panama in the 32C Russian heat, the important thing was to manage expectations.

But expectations were precisely what most England fans tossed to the winds during this fiery-tempered World Cup game.

From the get-go, Panama made clear they were going to get up close and personal with the England boys ...

As England galloped to a 5-0 half-time lead, it started to dawn on most that Panama were actually not that good.

With the result starting to look like an inevitability, Twitter turned to puns ...


And, yes, with group stage qualification assured, it was time to turn those expectations up to 11.

And Harry Kane’s assent to minor deity status continued ...

Meanwhile, is this right?

Actually, was this World Cup lark becoming too easy?


And if you were thinking there was nothing to play for against Belgium, think again ...