14/08/2018 11:53 BST | Updated 14/08/2018 17:20 BST

Essex Pub Received Threatening Note After Hosting Cancer Charity Fundraising Day

'You have been warned'.

A village pub in Essex has been sent a threatening note complaining about noise levels after hosting a daytime fundraising event, which raised £1000 for a woman with breast cancer, last weekend.

The Stranger’s Home pub in Bradfield, near Manningtree, received the anonymous message on Monday morning after the landlords helped arrange the small music ‘festival’ for local woman Holly McFarlane’s thirtieth birthday.

“It’s a shame someone had to write such a nasty letter about such a great day,” McFarlane told HuffPost UK. “That was just one person and one bit of negativity though. The rest of the village have sent messages of support.”

Holly McFarlane

The note, which the pub posted to Facebook 24 hours after the event, reads: “I understand you moved here from an area where thick idiots were common place. You have moved to an area where people are more considerate and intelligent regarding their neighbours.

“I would suggest that you give your next musical function a lot more thought or the lads will move in and do some ‘night time modifications’ to your caravan site. You have been warned.”  

The pub owners say that the event, named ‘Holly Fest’ ran from one o’clock in the afternoon until 5pm. They were outside in the pub garden with stalls, face painting and other ‘family-friendly’ activities.

The aim of the day was to raise money for the oncology ward in Colchester where McFarlane is currently undergoing chemotherapy - she was diagnosed with cancer in April while travelling in Australia at 29 years old.

Although the Stranger’s Home said that they wanted to thank those who had supported them “from the bottom of their hearts” they also wanted to publicise the hate mail they had received. 

The post has now been shared across Facebook, including the Manningtree Uncut page with residents hitting back at the letter in more than 200 comments.

McFarlane said she “felt bad for the family who own the pub” that after finding out about the response from the anonymous person.

“I had an amazing day at the fundraiser,” she said. “A lot of people gave up their free time and the pub was so lovely to let us have it there.”

She also wrote on her Facebook page: “Thank you to everyone that organised Holly Fest you did amazing! It looked and was so good. Thank you to everyone that helped and the bands and singers who gave up their time to play and everyone who was there.

“I hope you all had a brilliant day. I felt like I only got to spend minutes with you all but it was just so nice to see all of your faces there. I was in a little happy bubble all day.”

Since McFarlane’s diagnosis five months ago she has been trying to raise awareness of breast cancer and encourage young women to check themselves.

She said: “It’s so important to me to spread awareness to people to get themselves checked if they notice any changes in themselves so I’m grateful that I have the support to get that message out there.

“If anyone has noticed a lump, or a change in your body go to the doctors. I know it’s scary but it could be nothing or it could save your life.”

“I never in a million years thought that at the age of 29 I would be fighting breast cancer but I am so lucky to have an army of amazing people in my life to love, support and most importantly kick my arse back up when I get down.”

The current owners of the Stranger’s Home pub, and adjacent campsite, have been in charge of the pub since April 2017.