11/04/2016 21:52 BST

EU Referendum Leaflets Cause Headache For David Cameron As Voters 'Return To Sender'

Poor David Cameron.

Frank Augstein/AP

Angry voters are sending pro-EU leaflets distributed by Downing Street straight back to David Cameron.

Many branded the move to spend £9.2 million on a taxpayer-funded flyer with the government's recommendation to remain in the European Union a "waste of money".

They called on others to deface or tear up the leaflets and mail them back to Downing Street in protest, a rally similar to one made by Ukip leader Nigel Farage on Friday

Justice Secretary and Brexit campaigner Michael Gove recently claimed the leaflets were "one-sided propaganda", while fellow cabinet minister added they would encourage more people to vote to leave as they would be seen as an abuse of public money and an "insult" to voters. 

Some of the flyers have been sent out but the rest will not reach residents in Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland until after elections in their respective devolved parliaments. 

Today a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister defended the literature being sent out. 

"The Government is not neutral in this debate," she told the Daily Mail. "It has a clear position on the UK's membership of the EU."

Reportedly asked what would happen if many of the leaflets were sent back, she added: "Let’s see if that happens."