25/04/2018 12:13 BST

EuroMillions: What Would You Spend £121m On?

We took to London's streets to find out...

One lucky lottery player has become the third biggest winner in UK history after bagging a jackpot of more than £121m in Tuesday night’s Euromillions draw. 

The mystery winner has yet to come forward and claim their prize, a grand total of £121,328,187. 

The sum is nearly double the amount Coldplay earned last year, according to Forbes’ list of the world’s highest paid celebrities, and around four times as much as Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton’s salary.

Chris and Colin Wear, from North Ayrshire, remain the UK’s biggest lottery winners, after winning £161m in a 2011 Euromillions draw.

The pair gave a lot of their winnings to charity: they set up a trust, helped refurbish a local football team’s grounds and gave more than £1m to set up a local youth academy. The Weirs also gave £1million to the National Theatre of Scotland to help pay for a new HQ in Glasgow. 

So what would you spend hundreds of millions on? We took to London’s streets to find out... 

‘I’d buy a rugby team’  

Jasmin Gray
24-year-old UCL researcher told HuffPost UK how he would spend £121 million 

For avid rugby fan Dave, 24, there’s one thing that immediately comes to mind: “I’m big into rugby, so I would probably buy a rugby team - maybe my team, which is Enfield,” the UCL researcher said. 

“I’d definitely buy a mansion will a pool and all that as well.” 

‘I’d take my friends to Greece for a party week’  

Jasmin Gray
Anastasia, left, and Nina would want to see the world 

“I would invite my 10 best friends to a villa next to the beach somewhere in Croatia for a party week,” said 22-year-old Anastasia, an intern at an urban food festival.  

‘I would buy a house in London’ 

Jasmin Gray
Josune would buy a house in London 

Accountant Josune, 35, said she would buy her parents a house if she became a multi-millionaire. 

“I would buy a house and pay off the mortgages of all my family,” she said, speaking on Tottenham Court Road.

“I would donate some to charity too.”  

‘I would give it to friends and family’ 

The only thing on 35-year-old Ollie’s mind is seeing the world. “I would go away to South America,” he said. 

“But with £121 million, I could probably go anywhere really. Then I would come back and do something meaningful so I wouldn’t get bored.” 

“I would also give some away to friends, family and charities,” he added. 

‘I’d help my parents set up a business’

“I would also travel - everywhere,” Nina, 21, said. “I’d go somewhere somewhere sunny - just explore the world. 

“As well as renovating my house, I would help my parents set up a business. It would be amazing to help them pursue their dreams.”