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The Biggest Hair Trends of 2018, According To Seven Leading Stylists

Get ready for the chop and change.

For many, the new year will mean an opportunity to switch up their looks - especially when it comes to hair. 

We caught up with some of the UK’s leading hair professionals (from salon owners to international stylists) to get a heads-up on the the most head-turning looks of 2018.

Here are the hair trends you need to know about this season. 

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The Shave

The shaved look may be a staple for the likes of Adwoa Aboah, but Kieron Lavine, an international hair stylist whose clients include Daisy Lowe, Naomie Harris and Amma Asante, thinks it’s about to hit the mainstream as he has increasingly seen it on the catwalk.

“Somewhat bold and daring, this look is timeless and can produce a strong statement,” said Lavine. “We will see this a lot more in upcoming seasons.

Lavine recommends using Vernon Francois Scalp Nourishment, £16, to keep the scalp looking healthy and moisturised.

Kieron Lavine

The Long Shag

“We’ve seen the Short Shag and we’ve seen the LOB (Long Bob) . Making its way into next season is the Long Shag,” says Lavine. 

“It looks good on anyone with long hair and is easily achieved, especially for those who have a natural wave.

“But even those with the straightest of hair can have their Long Shag if they have a little extra time to style.”

Lavine recommends fixing the look with Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It, £12, or if you do need to use something a little stronger: Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, £23.

Kieron Lavine

Silky Curls 

“This is a look that will never go old due to its fun, bouncy movement and uneven style,” said Lavine.

“This look will be back again next year.”

Kieron Lavine

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According to Bad Apple Hair’s group colour director Steph Peckmore, lilac hues and deep plums, which all “sit nicely in the Ultraviolet sector”, will be big in 2018.

“When placed together these tones complement and add dimension to a full head purple look if you’re going all the way,” Peckmore told HuffPost UK.

“Ultraviolet can be adapted into many techniques, my favourite is adding a modern twist on highlights; using the traditional highlighting method but adding some violet toner over the top is the way to go.”

Peckmore loves the trend’s versatility, as you don’t have to commit to this look for months on end.

“Violet tones wash out easily if they aren’t too rich, so can be great fun for a week or so after your appointment and you can then revert back to your normal blonde highlights if you wish,” adds Peckmore.

“You can also continue to add toner at home if you want to keep up the violet look.”

Bad Apple Hair
Bad Apple Hair


Bad Apple Hair

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The Big Chop

Founder of award-winning salon Hair Lounge, Charlotte Mensah thinks short hair is going to lead the hair trends this year.

“People will be going for the Big Chop, as it’s easy and low maintenance,” says Mensah.  

“It’s perfect for Afro hair, as you don’t have to worry about blowdrying it or maintaining it. The cut is the style.”

For those looking for an alternative to extreme cuts, Mensah would recommend the tapered hair cut. 

According to Mensah, “it gives you more length to play with and you can add colour to it, or even do twist-outs” to keep things interesting through the year. 

Charlotte Mensah
Charlotte Mensah
Charlotte Mensah

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Look Twice Shades

Not Another Salon’s founder Sophia Hilton has seen an emerging desire among brunettes to have a subtle non-natural tinge to their hair when it hits the light.

“We call these the ‘look twice’ shades,” says Hilton. “It’s a colour that doesn’t scream at you, but more a shade you need to double take, or ‘look twice’ to see.”

Hilton continues; “If blondes can have subtle fun coloured pastels, why can’t brunettes have a little something extra from time to time?”

“From deep rich midnight purples, navy blues and even emerald greens, brunettes seem to be kicking back from the blondes of the world with a ‘we can do it too’ attitude.”

Not Another Salon
Not Another Salon

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Au Naturale

The Chapel’s colourist Symon May believes 2017′s sudden surge in extreme colours will result in a desire for more natural-looking hair in 2018.

“The other I believe will be a natural trend,” adds May. “With more and more people experimenting with colour, I think the counter approach will build momentum.”

“Therefore, I believe a lot of people will be paying a lot of money to go natural. For example, back to mouse browns and natural coppers.

“It takes a clever colourist to make someone’s hair look natural and stylish.”

The Chapel

“When you look back at patterns in history, after every recession or political downturn we seem to have a period of strong ‘show off hair,’” says May. “The pastels and disconnections of last year followed Brexit.”

“Following this is often a much calmer natural time with grown-out hairstyles and natural colours.

“Natural chocolate browns, honeys and even some mousey colours will become en vogue with the ‘in’ crowds of Shoreditch and Hoxton.

“To achieve this well takes a lot of skill from a colourist so although not obvious this is an exciting time for me too.”

The Chapel

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Seeing The Light

According to Ralph and Rice co-founder Anita Rice this will be the year of warmth and brightness. 

“In 2018 we will see a resurgence of warmer tones in both blondes and brunettes, bringing us the sunshine brunettes and the bamboo blonde,” said Rice. 

“Flat, ashy tones are a thing of the past. It’s all about being light and bright, with smoky roots.

“Maintaining an air of ‘balayage’ but done with a softer approach using earthy, woody tones resulting in a more intricate blend.

“As for bright blondes, I hope to see a lot more golden reflects creating the perfect clean, bamboo blonde with a toned-down, smudged root to create a smoky effect.”

Ralph and Rice
Ralph and Rice

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Ride The Wave 

Notting Hill salon Mimi et Mina is London’s first luxury multi-cultural salon.

Owner and managing director Mimi Koné believes 2018 will be the year of luscious, wavey hair. 

This look can be adapted to various hair types and speaks to a more natural aesthetic with a nod to refreshed glamour. 

“Wearing your hair with waves is very much the trend at Mimi et Mina for 2018,” Koné told HuffPost UK.

“Wavy hair looks natural, sophisticated and understated like you haven’t been to the hairdresser.”

Blonde Highlights: Bouncy Waves

Mimi et Mina

Brown Chocolate Colour Wearing: Loose Waves

Mimi et Mina

Medium Blonde Highlights: Sophisticated Waves

Mimi et Mina

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