17/11/2018 15:30 GMT | Updated 17/11/2018 16:50 GMT

Extinction Rebellion Protest Sparks Wave Of Arrests

At least 70 people have been detained so far, police said.

Dozens of protestors have been arrested in central London as an anti-climate change demo blocked some of the capital’s busiest bridges, police said.

Over 70 people have been arrested so far, after the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ event took over the Westminster, Waterloo, Blackfriars and Lambeth Bridges.

The crossings have since re-opened, with remaining protestors gathered on Parliament Square, opposite the Houses of Parliament, on Saturday evening.

Hundreds of attendees earlier blocked traffic on bridges with many sitting in place while chanting anti-fossil fuel songs.

Protestors occupy Westminster Bridge on Saturday as part of an anti-climate change demo.

The Metropolitan Police said the demo was having a “direct impact on others across London who wish to go about their daily business”.

The force’s Supt. Waheed Khan said: “The demonstration is having a direct impact on others across London who wish to go about their daily business – and the emergency services from using the bridges to travel around London.

“Given that the organisers failed to engage with police prior to the event, we were unable to work with them around their plan and to make considerations for other Londoners.”

Two women - who did not want to be named - attended the protest dressed as bumble bees.

They told the Press Association: “I have concern for my children and grandchildren. I truthfully believe we’re all heading for extinction.

“Climate change is so important, it’s coming over so fast and nothing is being done.”

Like other protesters, they called on the Government to halt fracking programmes and “work hard to reduce carbon emissions to zero long before 2050,” which is the current goal.

The Extinction Rebellion group earlier encouraged people to perform a sit-in across five London bridges.

A spokesperson for the group said: “We are peacefully standing up for the Earth and for humanity. People are dancing and singing and making new friends. This is a joyful rebellion and this is what the future looks like.”

The mass protest follows a co-ordinated week of action around the UK.