11/10/2016 14:05 BST

Fear Of Disclosing Symptoms To Doctors' Receptionists Puts People Off Seeing Their GP

35% also don't want to be seen to be making a fuss.

A fear of discussing symptoms with a receptionist at a doctor’s surgery is putting 40% of people off visiting their GP, research from Cancer Awareness Measure has found.

Carl Court
The waiting area of a General Practitioners surgery in North London

The survey, carried out on almost 2,000 people in the UK, also unveiled what the main barriers to seeing a GP were:

  • 42% of respondents said difficulty getting an appointment with a particular doctor as a reason
  • 42% reported that it was finding a convenient time
  • 40% said they did not like having to talk to GP receptionists about symptoms

Not wanting to be seen as someone who made a fuss was also a barrier to 35% of people when it came to seeking medical help.

Christopher Furlong
A doctor at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham does his rounds

Dr Jodie Moffat, the lead author and head of early diagnosis at Cancer Research UK, said: “There’s still more to learn about the things that may put people off going to their doctor, and how important they are when it comes to actually influencing behavior.”

Dr Moffat added “But it’s clear that a new sign or symptom, or something that has stayed or got worse over time, needs to be checked out by a GP.

“Don’t let anything put you off.”