Feeling Unwell? Your.MD's New AI Facebook Chatbot Will Find Out What's Wrong With You

The new chatbot can diagnose patients and even send out prescriptions.

Would you take medical advice from an AI? Well medical diagnosis app Your.MD is now available on Facebook Messenger and ready to hear your symptoms.

It's called OneStop Health and it's a chatbot that brings the same AI-powered diagnosis tools to Facebook's Messaging service.


You simply start talking to it as you would a normal person and the chatbot will start to find out what's wrong with you.

The chatbot aims to achieve three things: Finding out what's wrong with you, suggesting the most likely solution and then offering both public and private services which can help.

Your.MD's chief executive Matteo Berlucchi said: "OneStop Health is an integral part of our vision; if you can’t get to your doctor or need to get a blood test, a prescription or make an appointment to see the best local specialist, Your.MD can facilitate it."


Your.MD offers a range of different services integrated into the chat app. It's an online clinic which, after a free remote consultation with a doctor, can then deliver prescriptions the next day.

There's also PlusGuidance - a service aimed at helping those suffering from mental health difficulties by offering a 24-hour video, voice of chat support service.

Then there's Daily Yoga which provides full comprehensive yoga regimes.

Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images

Finally Your.MD has the NHS deeply integrated into the experience, offering up free services to UK residents.

So how does it work? Well the service uses technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing to learn from every conversation it has.

Using massive cloud-based servers the app will crunch through every diagnosis, fine tuning its technique and offering more nuanced solutions.

Finally the natural language processing analyses how people speak, creating responses that feel human.

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