06/12/2017 11:03 GMT | Updated 07/12/2017 12:53 GMT

This Woman Was Told Her Lips Were 'Too Big' For Red Lipstick But The Fenty Beauty Squad Got Her Back

Now, that's squad goals.

Fenty Beauty is known for it’s universality, in product and community, and has yet again proved itself as the inclusive brand of 2017.  

One fan’s comment caught the Fenty Beauty team’s eye after they posted an image of a vlogger wearing the lipstick shade called Stunna.

Grace Boye stated that she didn’t feel she could wear the beautiful shade. 

“I want to try this out so bad,” she said. “I’ve been told Red doesn’t suit me... my lips are too big.” 

Rihanna’s Fenty squad was quick to encourage Grace and the brand shared the uplifting conversation in another post saying: “The #FENTYBEAUTY sisterhood is real!! We ❤️ ya’ll.”

HuffPost UK reached out to Grace for comment and she told us her experience growing up with big lips. 

“In kindergarten other little kids used to tease me and why my lips were so huge,” she said.

“I got older people used to say they were too big for anything - especially red (lipstick), since it’s a bright bold colour that only specific folks can pull off.” 

But soon the comments section of the Instagram post was flooded with compliments and words of encouragement for Grace. 

It was a moment she definitely appreciated, saying that “it feels amazing!”

“I didn’t know that there are other women out there that have similar insecurities or issues,” she adds. 

One fan commented: “Fenty just feels like a brand that celebrates humanity and encourages empowerment, like women empowering women. Love seeing posts like this!”

On Boye’s most recent post, new followers kept up the encouraging words. 

“You are stunning and have incredibly gorgeous lips,” wrote one. “Patiently waiting to see what Stunna looks like on you.”

Another commented: “Get that damn Stunna girl and slay us! 💋💋💋 ”

Grace assured them she would share an image of herself wearing the lipstick as soon as it ships to her. 

Other uplifting comments from the Fenty post included: “I’m dark skinned with big lips too, but oh this red #Stunna lip new favourite thing!❤️ #stunntininstunna.” 

“I was told the same thing,” said another. “I’ll be rocking red today with my full lips!”

Fenty Beauty are sending Grace her very own Stunna lip shade, which she is looking forward to trying. 

Also, in true Fenty style, there are posts of fellow ‘big-lipped’ ladies rocking the rouge.