19/02/2018 13:55 GMT

Fergie Slated For 'Murdering' American National Anthem With Jazzed Up Version

'Fergie's anthem woke pigs and sheep in petting zoos all across America.'

Former Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie had fans reaching for their earplugs as she performed the US national anthem at a basketball game over the weekend. 

The star was slated for her jazzed-up rendition of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ when she took to the stage at the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday (18 February). 

Fergie had tried to put her own spin on the iconic tune, which was always going to be polarising, and it didn’t help that she also missed a couple of the notes during the performance. 

Fergie's version of the US national anthem has not gone down well

Not only did Fergie’s singing raise eyebrows among some of the players who were there, but there was a lot of amusing reaction on Twitter too. 

Social media users claimed she “murdered” the song, while one said it could have woken “pigs and sheep in petting zoos all across America”. 

Take a listen to Fergie’s performance in the video below and decide for yourselves (although, we’d probably recommend viewing on a lower volume)...