11/04/2017 06:00 BST | Updated 11/04/2017 11:56 BST

Fern Britton Fears She Will Never Shake Off THAT 'This Morning' Dunking Beef Gaffe

'That might be on my gravestone!'

Forget Holly Willoughby and her welly wanging - we all know that Fern Britton is responsible for the ultimate ‘This Morning’ moment with her ‘dunking beef’ hysterics. 

And over 10 years on from the hilarious TV gaffe, the presenter has admitted she fears she will never shake off her unfortunate innuendo, believing it could end up on her gravestone. 

For those who don’t remember, the moment in question saw Fern and then ‘This Morning’ co-host Phillip Schofield trying out a spot of roast beef, following a segment about dunking biscuits - something which Phil admitted he wasn’t a fan of. 

But when Fern caught sight of him dipping his slice of beef in a pot of Dijon mustard, she couldn’t help but point out he didn’t mind “dunking a bit of beef”. Cue much hilarity and a TV blooper that has since been watched millions of times on YouTube.  

So, when HuffPost UK caught up with Fern behind-the-scenes at her new ITV cookery series ‘Culinary Genius’, there was one question we just had to ask her: Does she still love dunking a bit of beef? 

Well I think the line actually was, looking at Phillip and going, ‘So… you don’t mind dunking a bit of beef, do you?’,” she howled.

“That might be on my gravestone!”

The classic 'dunking beef' clip has gone down in TV history

She continued: “What I love is when journalists say, ‘have you ever done anything really embarrassing?’. Err, just look on YouTube! There’s just reams of it!”

She added: “I’m a bloody serious journalist and I’ve done my war zone and my reporting on disasters, but I will always be remembered for that.”

Her husband Phil Vickery, who stars as a judge with Fern on ‘Culinary Genius’, insisted there was a silver lining to that though, revealing “Every time that is shown on bloopers, you get paid. That time I touched your breast gets shown, I get paid too.”

However, Fern admitted she’s yet to see any of the cash, adding: “Well, I didn’t get it!”

Watch the classic ‘dunking beef’ clip in all its glory in the video below...

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