Parents-To-Be Pose With 'Finding Nemo' During Maternity Photoshoot For Poignant Reason

'This is not a disability or a bad thing.'

A couple have shared the touching reason they posed with a ‘Finding Nemo’ toy during their maternity photoshoot.

Tayler Borre explained that when she went for her scan back in July 2017, her doctor had concerns and referred her to a foetal specialist.

She was told the upper half of her unborn baby wasn’t measuring correctly, and had to wait two weeks for a scan at a children’s hospital.

“I was so worried for those weeks,” Borre wrote on Facebook on 27 August. “If I didn’t feel her all day I would have anxiety attacks, I had many breakdowns over not knowing what was wrong.”

Borre explained at the second scan, her unborn baby was diagnosed with amniotic band syndrome (ABS), where the baby “gets tangled in fibrous string-like amniotic bands in the womb”.

This restricts blood flow and can affect the baby’s development.

The mum wrote: “On that day we found out our sweet girl has no left hand. It was so hard to hear that just thinking about how mean people can be towards people who are ‘different’ and of course not wanting anything to be wrong with your child.

“But I was also at peace with the news because everything else she measured perfect and she’s nice and strong. She is our Nemo.

“She has a fin that’s a little smaller than the other, but she will conquer anything her little heart desires to do.

“This is not a disability or a bad thing, she will be a little rockstar no matter what. She will do it all.”

The mum encouraged people to share to raise awareness of ABS.

Commenting on the post, one person wrote: “She is going to be an amazing little girl who is going to do awesome things. Nothing will stand in her way.”

Another commented: “This is beautiful. Your little Nemo is blessed to have an amazing family.”

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