16/05/2017 16:39 BST

19 Things Everyone Goes Through On A First Date

So do we split the bill?

Whether you are single or in a relationship, everyone has had to navigate a first date at some point during their love life.

Hideously awkward, fuelled by alcohol, and requiring you to embarrass yourself in a public space, the next couple of hours are going to be a rollercoaster of emotions.

Here are 19 things that everyone can expect to go through on a first date.

1.  Swinging between being 10 minutes early and half an hour late. 

2. Ending up in a horrible sweat because you had to rush. 

3. Convincing yourself that they’re going to look nothing like their profile picture.

4. Failing to interpret whether this meeting is a handshake or hug introduction.

5. Thinking that lots of wine is the best way to overcompensate for nerves.

6. Trying not to mention the fact you already stalked their Corfu 2007 Facebook album.

7. Wondering how soon it is to bring up their hot best friend.

8. Asking them questions but knowing you are more interesting.

9. Using your phone as a life support machine for awkward silences. 

10. Having to stop yourself from bringing up the early albums of Britney Spears. 

11. Worrying you have food in your teeth and they’re just not telling you.

12. Tiptoeing around their past relationships while trying to build a month-by-month timeline in your head.

13. Practicing your poker face when they say they’re still living with their parents.

14. Feeling smug that you have your life slightly more together.

15. Being glad that your friend will be calling soon with a ‘family emergency’.

16. Ordering more alcohol. 

17. Suspecting their personality no longer matters because you’ve got needs.

18. Going in for the first kiss and instantly regretting it. 

19. Avoiding all further contact and any suggestion of a second date.