03/01/2017 11:31 GMT

Fish And Chip Shop Responds To Ill Customer's Request In Brilliant Way

Five stars for these guys.

If this fish and chip shop doesn’t get some sort of award for customer service it’s, frankly, a travesty.

Feeley’s Fish And Chip Shop, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, shared a rather strange request they received when a customer placed an order through online delivery service Just Eat.

The customer, named by Feeley’s as Fiona Cuffe, did what she had to do in her hour of need on Friday:

To be fair, that’s an ingenious use of the service.

The chippy’s staff later shared a picture of said medicine:

And not only did they deliver Cuffe the tablets (presumably along with some food) but also made a further kind offer:

Cuffe herself thanked the takeaway shop:

The owner of the shop, Alan Feeley, told BBC Five Live that the reaction to the story had been “absolutely crazy”.

He added that they had received a number of similar requests since.