A Guy's Fitbit Saved His Life. No Really

He was rushed to hospital after suffering a seizure.

Doctors were able to save a man's life thanks to the Fitbit he was wearing.

The 42-year-old, from New Jersey, US, was rushed to hospital after suffering a seizure, Gizmodo reports.

On reaching the emergency ward, the medical team realised he had an irregular heart beat.

However, in order to treat him they had to determine whether his condition was chronic or a result of the seizure.

The data on his Fitbit made it clear that it was the seizure that had triggered his abnormal heart rhythm.

“Using the patient’s activity tracker — in this case, a Fitbit — we were able to pinpoint exactly when the patient’s normal heart rate of 70 jumped up to 190,” said Dr. Alfred Sacchetti from Our Lady of Lourdes hospital, where the patient was treated.

“Not all activity trackers measure heart rates, but this is the function of most value to medical providers," he added.

“Dizziness with a heart rate of 180 would be approached very differently from the same complaint with a heart rate of 30.”

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