Best Fitness Snapchat Accounts: 14 Accounts You Need To Follow To Inspire Your Workout


Fitspiration is everywhere these days, motivating us to be our healthiest selves and spend a little more time in the gym than in the pub.

But sometimes those aspirational Instagram accounts, with sculpted bodies and fancy gyms can seem a little detached from the reality of our sweaty, breathless time on the treadmill.

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So if you’re looking for the best Snapchat accounts to go behind the scenes and see the blood*, sweat and tears that goes into their fitness regimes, look no further.

*OK, maybe not blood

Here are the snapchat accounts to follow to give us that much needed kick to find the time in our day to indulge our inner fitness fanatics.

Carly Rowena

Carly Rowena is a London-based fitness blogger and YouTube star, who previously worked in marketing for BMW and then made her transition to her dream career as a full-time fitness trainer. Expect to see lots of ab-routines (and envy inducing travel stories).

Username: CarlyRowena

AJ Odudu

A photo posted by AJ Odudu (@ajodudu) on

AJ.Odudu is a TV presenter and DJ, best known for presenting Channel 5’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side. She is also the brand ambassador for New Balance, which explains her heavy focus on fitness and looking good. Expect lots of early morning gym sessions on her Snapchat.

Username: AJ.Odudu

Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose is based in London and shows us that fitness doesn’t have to be your full-time career to prove you are committed. For a girl who admits she never found exercise to be her “jam”, Hannah is sharing her journey towards a fitter life and feeling better in your body. Expect to see inspirational not aspirational.

Username: hannahrosefit

Fitness On Toast

Faya Nilsson, a half-Swedish half-English personal trainer, first started her social channels to communicate with her clients. Since then it has evolved into a global brand where you can expect to see a daily dose of recipes, workout ideas and how to look good in your gym clothes (yes please).

Username: FitnessOnToast

Poppy Cross

A photo posted by Poppy Cross (@poppycross) on

Poppy Cross, author of best-selling fitness bible “Poppy’s Secret” is a London-based journalist who spends her time visiting all our favourite spots in the capital (from Clifton garden centre to Trafalgar Square) whilst sharing her meals and fitness tips.

Snapchat Username: poppycross

Joe Wicks

If you haven’t heard of Joe Wicks, otherwise known as The Body Coach, have you been living under a wellbeing rock? Joe’s exercise program and hilarious Instagram snaps have turned him into a global superstar. But he still hasn’t lost any of his charm and personality.

Snapchat Username: TheBodyCoach

Clean Eating Alice

A photo posted by Alice (@clean_eating_alice) on

Alice Liveing has built an empire on her healthy living and fitness books. She is honest about having transformed her own body from overweight and unhappy to gym bunny, without any yo-yo dieting or fads. Expect complete food envy 24/7.

Snapchat Username: AliceLDNM

Kayla Itsines

A photo posted by Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines) on

Australian Kayla has a cult following for her tailored workout regime that focuses on the parts women “want to change most” - inner thighs, abs and arms. After graduating from the Australian Institute of Fitness, Kayla decided to do her own thing, and it has definitely paid off. Expect inspiring messages and a whole lot of bikini snaps.

Snapchat Username: Kayla_itsines

Kirsty Godso

A photo posted by KIRSTY GODSO (@kirstygodso) on

Kirsty Godso is Nike Master Trainer, who believes if you aren’t having fun whilst working out, you’re not doing it right. New Zealander Kirsty is all about high intensity workouts and maintaining a solid work-life balance, if you follow Kirsty expect to see fitness in a new light.

Snapchat Username: kirstygodso

Serena Williams

American tennis player Serena Williams, ranked number one in women’s singles tennis, is now sharing behind the scenes of her successful career. Expect to see Serena sharing training programs and mingling with celebs, including Kate Middleton!

Snapchat Username: serenaunmatched


A photo posted by JERA (@workoutbean) on

Jera started her fitness journey following the likes of Kayla Itsines and other Instagram fitness stars, but has now become one in her own right (as well as a qualified SoulCycle instructor). Based in New York, expect to see lots of brunch snaps, and a focus on weight lifting. That’s right, this girl loves to lift.

Snapchat Username: workoutbean

Molly Teshuva

Molly is a student at Edinburgh University, combining a history degree with a passion for food and fitness. Expect to see more workouts and family snaps than the inside of a university library.

Snapchat Username: progresspure

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