Qantas Flight Grounded After Passenger Names WiFi Hotspot 'Mobile Detonation Device'

Well this was a monumentally stupid thing to do.

As spectacularly stupid things to do go, this has to be up there.

Australian news organisations are reporting that a Qantas flight was grounded after a passenger spotted what might be one of the most inappropriately named WiFi hotspots we've ever seen.

John W Banagan via Getty Images

The hotspot titled 'Mobile Detonation Device' was spotted by a passenger shortly after she boarded. She then alerted the crew who informed the captain.

Speaking to The West Australian another passenger John Vidler said the captain then announced to the plane that the flight would be delayed because they needed to locate a device.

Confirming to the passengers that the reason was because of its threatening name the captain and crew then began a search. They were unable to find the device.

Unfortunately the scenario had so rattled the plane's passengers that 40 insisted to be let off the flight, resulting in the plane being grounded while their luggage was unloaded.

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