This Rescue Dog Is A Bigger Foodie Than You Are

So. Fancy.

Popeye can regularly be found chilling in some of Los Angeles’ best restaurants.

No, he’s not a spinach-loving, muscle-flashing sailor. He’s a dog who loves being surrounded by posh food.

Popeye’s owner, known only as Ivy, found him as a stray and took him home.

“He was such a mess - super skinny, heavily matted, dirty,” she told BoredPanda.

“It wasn’t long before he made himself at home at my place with my other dogs. And of course, my husband and I fell in love [with him.]”

When Ivy began taking Popeye on her lunch dates, she was surprised that he didn’t ever jump up for the food.

Instead, he sat patiently and happily snacked on any (dog-friendly) grub she gave him.

Now, Ivy takes Popeye out in her handbag every time she heads for lunch or dinner.

She posts photos of the pooch next to his #FoodPorn onto Popeye’s own Instagram account @popeyethefoodie.

Check out some of the snaps below or follow Popeye here.

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