25/08/2018 07:01 BST | Updated 25/08/2018 07:01 BST

London Ambulance Service Receives 100 Thank You Notes A Month

Two schoolchildren saved up their pocket money to give ambulance staff a hamper ❤️

London Ambulance service received over 1,200 letters and messages of thanks to recognise its work in 2017, with an average of 100 messages arriving per month.

The service told HuffPost UK some notes and gifts were sent in from as far away as Japan and the US.

In June this year, more than 300 members of London Ambulance staff were thanked in cards and letters of appreciation from the public. A spokesperson for the service said: “We’re humbled to receive messages and appreciate every single one.”

London Ambulance
Staff were treated to a hamper of goodies bought by two local school kids.

In June, staff at Ilford Ambulance Station received a hamper filled with food from school children Summayah and Dawud, who had saved up their pocket money especially.

The children also crafted them a card, featuring the heartwarming message: “We want you to know we support you and respect you and appreciate everything you do.

“The world is a better place because of paramedics like you.”

London Ambulance
It's the small things that count: Vanessa and Matt with their morning drinks.

Even the smallest acts of kindness make the world of difference. Paramedics Vanessa and Matt (pictured above) were pleasantly surprised when coffee shop staff left lovely messages on their beverages - an important reminder that kindness doesn’t cost a thing.

The cups said: “Keep fighting, have a lovely day” and “Thank you guys!”

London Ambulance

People in the control room have also been inundated with messages of thanks. Karen (pictured below) from the London Ambulance control room was thrilled to receive an illustration of an ambulance with the touching message: “Thank you heroes.”

Staff have also received flowers from the people they’ve saved, as well as boxes of chocolates and sweets from random strangers. Some people simply left notes on their ambulances thanking them for their hard work.

London Ambulance

One note read: “Dear Ambulance staff, we watched ‘Ambulance’ on TV the other day.

“I’d never thought about or appreciated the amount and diversity of work you do so I wanted to say ‘thank you’. You do amazing stuff.”

London Ambulance

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