14 Things You Only Know If You’re Terrible At Texting Back

Not worthy of a phone.

These days it is a social faux pas to think of actually picking up the phone and calling someone, instead we all send a passive aggressive stream of messages until someone finally remembers to buy toilet roll.

This is all well and good if you’re a fully functioning human being, but for some of us who are chronically bad texters, it turns all our adult relationships into a series of apologies and retributions.

Here are 14 things you only know if you’re just terrible at texting back.

1. Receiving a message and thoroughly enjoying its content.

2. Pausing to think of a hilarious and witty response.

3. Getting distracted by literally anything.

4. Realising it has been three days and you never replied.

5. Trying to convince yourself you did actually send a reply.

6. Experiencing severe texting remorse syndrome.

7. Wanting to make up an excuse about losing your phone.

8. Realising that the Whatsapp blue tick is your worst enemy.

9. Having to swallow humble pie and start every response with an apology.

10. Being unable to get yourself out of the no-reply black hole.

11. Requiring all texts to be group messages so no one notices when you don’t reply.

12. Having to make an entrance at least once a month to remind everyone you still exist.

13. Thinking they should have to teach this life skill in school.

14. Realising life would just be easier if it was the fifteenth century.