Fox Business Host Cooks Up Teleprompter Conspiracy Theory For Joe Biden's First Presser

"That would not surprise me at all," Stuart Varney said, pushing a right-wing fiction that the president is addled.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney on Wednesday pushed the right-wing talking point that Joe Biden is addled by claiming the president will use a teleprompter to answer questions during his first press conference next week.

“I do believe there will be a teleprompter there, which he can just turn on when you need the set response. That would not surprise me at all,” said Varney.

“Interesting,” responded contributor Joe Concha, nodding his head.

Varney, who once made the laughable claim that ex-President Donald Trump never lied to the American public, envisioned Biden’s aides telling reporters exactly what questions to ask the president.

“I wouldn’t be surprised, as you say, a staffer saying ‘you ask this question, you ask that question,’” said Varney. “I can see that coming a mile off. They’ve got to protect the man, that’s what they’re there for.”

Watch the video here:

Biden is scheduled to hold his first press conference as president on March 25.

Varney’s teleprompter claim echoes the false allegations made by then-President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, which repeatedly untruthfully said Biden had read from teleprompters to answer questions during interviews.

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