FreshTeam Is A Productivity App That Lets Your Boss Track Your Location

This is a privacy nightmare...

FreshTeam is a new app designed for businesses which effectively lets your boss track exactly what you're doing during the day.

It's the latest in a string of productivity apps that aims to increase how effective you are at your job through the means of technology.

While Slack aims to replace email, FreshTeam works on the premise that if your boss knows what you're doing they won't bug you at the wrong time.


The app creates complete transparency between a team revealing not only your live location but even what it is you're doing whether it's using public transport, walking or driving. It can even tell them how much battery you have left on your phone.

While the privacy implications of this are potentially worrying FreshTeam's intentions are good.

They argue that by giving your boss a better understanding of what you're doing at the time they can then manage you better.


This could include making sure to divert any non-important calls if you're currently driving, or working out the best time to get in contact.

For many though the privacy aspect of this app will be the main concern and while FreshTeam say you can have complete control over what you share the truth is that if a boss is considering using this app then they're going to be wanting to know your location.


Of course it's important to understand that these apps aren't designed for office environments. Instead its an app focused on very independent small businesses with lots of employees who work from home or for courier companies that have employees out on the road a lot.

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