27/03/2018 10:46 BST

FriendsFest 2018: Tickets, Dates, Venues And Everything Else You Need To Know

Who's ready to PIVOT?

The biggest event for ‘Friends’ superfans in the UK is back, and it’s bigger than ever.

Comedy Central has announced that there will be yet another FriendsFest tour this summer, allowing fans the chance to kick back in a recreation of Monica’s apartment, cross the corridor to Joey and Chandler’s and even dance around a fountain like in the show’s iconic opening titles.

In addition to this, FriendsFest organisers have revealed that for the first time there’ll be a full-scale replica of Ross’s apartment, meaning devoted ‘Friends’ fans will have the opportunity to recreate one of the series’ most hilarious moments. Yes, we’re talking about…

Here’s everything you need to know about ‘FriendsFest’ 2018...

When is FriendsFest 2018 on?

FriendsFest will hit six locations around Britain this summer, kicking off on 6 July and running until 30 September.

Which cities will FriendsFest 2018 come to?

  • 6 July – 15 July: Glasgow, Victoria Park
  • 20 July – 29 July: Newcastle, Castle Farm Fields
  •  August – 12 August: Manchester, Heaton Park
  • 24 August – 2 September: Bristol, Blaise Castle Estate
  • 7 September – 16 September: Brighton, Preston Park
  • 21 September – 30 September: London, Kennington Park

What’s new this year?

Well, as we mentioned there’ll be a full-scale replica of Ross’s apartment where such memorable moments as “I’m fine...”, Ross and Rachel’s inappropriate rendition of ‘Baby Got Back’ and, of course, this...

...all took place. There’ll also be a staircase for anyone who wishes to recreate the “PITVOT!” scene, as well as ‘Friends’-themed cocktails and even a quiz to test fans’ knowledge.

Four of the stops on the FriendsFest tour are also new, with the recreated set coming to Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol and Brighton for the first time.

And what’s returning?

‘Friends’ fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as Monica’s apartment and the Central Perk recreations will all be back, as well as the fountain square allowing attendees to dance around like it’s 1994.

Where can I get tickets?

Fans have until midnight on 27 March to register for an exclusive pre-sale on Comedy Central’s website here, and given how quickly past events have sold out, it might be a good idea to sign up.

Pre-sale tickets will be available from 10am on 28 March, with the rest of the tickets going on sale a day later. Tickets cost £27.50, not including booking fees.

Can I please see some photos from last year’s FriendsFest?

Go on, then...

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