David Tennant Reads Mean Scottish Tweets To Donald Trump On 'Full Frontal With Samantha Bee'

"They voted Remain, and they hate your guts, you ludicrous tangerine ballbag."

When Donald Trump's plane touched down in the UK on Thursday, 52% of UK voters had just decided to leave the European Union.

The Republican presidential candidate tweeted to say Scotland was “going wild” after “taking their country back”.

However, 62% of Scots had actually voted to stay in the European Union.

The result was lots and lots of Scottish people replying to let him know how wrong he was.

As many people will know, Scots don't particularly like it when people confuse them with the English.

And, as many people will also know, they have quite the way with words.

While tackling the issue of Brexit from an American angle, 'Full Frontal' host Samantha Bee decided to get former Dr Who star David Tennant to read out some of the quintessentially Scottish replies to Trump's tweet in his dulcet tones.

See Tennant's eloquent renditions in the video above, and watch the full, hilarious but devastating segment here: