10 Cats That Are All Of Us After A New Haircut


You’ve carefully thought it through, consulted everyone in the group Whatsapp chat and saved a whole bank of inspiration photos to your phone.

You are getting a new haircut.

But then it’s time. It’s D-Day. The appointment is already booked and it’s too late to back out. That’s when the panic starts to set in.

The hairdresser’s scissors are poised over your hair, they’re making the first snip. Your entire life flashes before your eyes as you stare at your reflection in the harshly lit mirror and start to have a beauty-based existential crisis.

This is your journey, as told by cats. Because cats make everything better.

1. When the hairdressers starts brushing your hair and you feel all fancy.

2. But then they leave you with your head in the sink for five minutes while they check on another customer. Hello, neck ache.

3. When they get the scissors out and you slowly start to wonder if you really want that new haircut after all.

4. When the real panic starts to set in. AM I MAKING THE RIGHT DECISION?!

5. When you look down at the aftermath on the salon floor. RIP sweet, beautiful hair.

6. When you’re leaving the hairdressers and can’t stop looking at yourself in every reflective surface.

7. When you finally get home and the realisation of what you’ve done really sets in.

8. When friends and family react to your new look. ‘Oh, you’ve cut your hair!’.

I know.

9. When you first go out in public and realise it ain’t so bad.

10. And finally, when the shock wears off and you’re totally chill with your badass new ‘do.

Beautiful Black Cats