Letters From Camp: Kid Goes Into Too Much Detail When Writing To His Mum

'I had diyareeya.' 💩

A child felt inclined to give his mum the lowdown on his bowel movements while he was away at summer camp.

The hilarious notes, written by a boy known as ‘W’, contain his experiences of farts, “diyareeya” and his bottom-bunk buddy burping.

Photos of the notes surfaced on Imgur on Thursday 14 July 2016. Here’s an overview of what they say.

1. W had diarrhea.

His misspelling of “diyareeya” has to be the best thing about this note. Oh, and thank goodness for those extra pants.

2. W found out you can set farts alight.

Luckily, he’s going to show his mum when he returns from camp.

3. W can burp the alphabet.

His friend on the bottom bunk can do the same too. Phew.

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