21/09/2018 15:40 BST | Updated 21/09/2018 15:49 BST

This Artisan Sourdough Is One Third Stale Bread And Costs £4.20 A Loaf

Baking up a fresh solution to unnecessary food waste. 🍞

It’s hard to resist deliciously fresh-baked bread in the morning but for those of us who can’t manage to polish off a whole loaf in one sitting, that freshness can taste a little disappointing the next day.

One bakery chain has come up with a solution to avoid the problem of unnecessary food waste – turning those scraps into a brand new loaf.


Gail’s Bakery has developed a new sourdough, in store from 11 October, called The Waste Bread, which is made from surplus bread that is turned into a porridge then added to newly mixed dough.

The loaf will be made from roughly a third old bread and with every day’s leftovers a bit different, each loaf will have its own slightly distinct taste, a spokesperson said.

They will set you back a fair whack, though, selling for £4.20 each.

The bakery chain, which has 43 branches in London and across the south east of England, is also rolling out compostable coffee cups, cutlery made from potato starch and unbleached paper boxes and carrier bags.

“Our promise is to be authentic and thoughtful with all that we do. We’re lucky to have passionate bakers creating exceptional food every day, and the Waste Bread is a great example of our expertise and passion further aligning with the values of our communities”, Tom Molnar, CEO and Co-Founder of Gail’s, said.