Bruce Willis May Have Tried To Sabotage An Iconic Game Of Thrones Scene

All men must die hard.

Excerpts from journalist James Hibberd’s Game Of Thrones oral history, Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon, have already revealed why a major character was left out of the show and how one love scene left a horse a little too excited. And the latest character reveal really came out of nowhere:

Bruce Willis was — allegedly — a Game Of Thrones villain.

AV Club has reviewed a copy of the book and been sharing various nuggets from it, including a story about Willis, who apparently wasn’t the biggest Game Of Thrones fan.

According to the report, the actor was responsible for some shenanigans involving the fight scene between Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson and Pedro Pascal in The Mountain And The Viper.

Filming for the scene reportedly took place at the Hotel Belvedere in Dubrovnik, and according to Hibberd’s book, the location overlooked a “stable of yachts.” The production team reportedly struck a deal for the yachts to back off out of the shot, and everyone agreed “except for one person,” director Alex Graves said.

That person, according to “multiple people” who worked on Game Of Thrones, was John McClane himself, aka Bruce Willis.

“[The yacht] circled trying to say, ‘Fuck you, I’m in your shot,’ a couple times and we were all laughing because we were aimed away from the water at that time anyway.”

Crew members called the attempted sabotage an act of ‘yacht rage’.

(It should be noted that Bernadette Caulfield, an executive producer, said they never actually saw Willis, and reps for the actor did not immediately return HuffPost’s request for comment.)

If anything, it’s clear that when it comes to moving your yacht for Game Of Thrones, all men must die hard.