Game Of Thrones Star Gemma Whelan Praised For Sharing Breastfeeding Photo On Set

We love you Yara Greyjoy 🙌

Games of Thrones actor Gemma Whelan has been praised by fans for sharing a snap of herself breastfeeding while still dressed in character on set.

Whelan, 38, who plays Yaya Greyjoy in the hit TV series, posted the throwback photo on Instagram with her face covered in dirt: “Enjoy tonight’s episode guys,” the actor wrote, joking: “Yara’s got some big news...”

Whelan and her husband Gerry Howell welcomed their daughter in October 2017, at the beginning of filming season eight.

The mum explained that the photo showed her actual life on set between whatever they were filming, adding that it was taken after she filmed one of her scenes in episode one of season eight.

“You’re such an awesome role model,” one person commented. “Well done for sharing this, and nurse on (from a mama with her wee 10-month-old nursing currently attached).”

Another wrote: “Love this pic, you’re normalising breastfeeding and showing we can be mums and work! What a lovely mama.”

And a mum also commented: “Love the nursing! Such strong women in this cast.”

Earlier in April, Whelan was on on Good Morning Britain to chat about filming the show’s final season, and told the interviewers her daughter was on set with her for the whole thing – and she would breastfeed while she was in costume.

“I’m really sort of tied into my armour,” she said. “It’s quite difficult to get to yourself, let’s put it that way.”

She added that her daughter is one of the very few people to know the ending of the beloved show. “She can’t tell anyone,” Whelan joked.