18/09/2019 09:49 BST

Gareth Thomas Lambasts Journalist Who Told His Parents He Was HIV+ Before He Got The Chance

"I can never get that moment back," the former Wales captain said in a new interview.

Rugby star Gareth Thomas has lambasted the journalist who told his parents about his HIV status before he had the chance.

Over the weekend, Gareth went public with the fact he was HIV+, revealing undisclosed “evil” people had “made his life hell” by threatening to reveal his condition without his consent.

Elaborating further in an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, the former Wales captain revealed that it was a journalist who broke the news to his parents.

Gareth speaking to the BBC 

He told the station: “[My parents] love me whatever, but I can never have that time back. I can never have that moment back… to sit down with them and be able to explain to them why their son is going to be OK and is going to be able to live through this and live a healthy, normal life.” 

Through tears, Gareth continued: “That person came and took that moment away from me. And my parents will say that they’re fine, because that’s my parents. But I can’t really tell you how they felt because I can’t imagine how they would feel.

“Can you imagine someone coming to your door and saying something so personal and so intrusive to you about the person you would love and protect through anything? Can you imagine how that would feel?”

Gareth has received widespread praise since posting his initial video on social media in which he disclosed his condition, including from Princes William and Harry, who both reached out on Instagram.

A day after the video was posted, Gareth was met with rapturous applause when he completed the mammoth Ironman challenge in Wales, in what he said was part of breaking down stigma and misconceptions around HIV.