27/01/2017 10:15 GMT

Gary Lineker Wants Homework To Be Banned Because Kids Get Stressed And 'Don't Want To Do It'

'They’re at school long enough as it is.'

Gary Lineker thinks homework should be banned for kids.

The 56-year-old ‘Match of the Day’ host, who is dad to George, 24, Harry, 22, Tobias, 20, and Angus, 18, thinks kids do enough studying during school hours.

“Homework should be banned,” he told Sport magazine. “All it does is drive a massive wedge between parents and children because you end up having to do it for them, and it’s stressful.

“They get stressed and they don’t want to do it. They’re at school long enough as it is. Why do you have to come home and do two hours of homework?”

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Lineker said he knew there’d be a camp of parents who disagreed with him, but added: “A lot of parents would agree, especially if you’ve had four boys.”

People took to Twitter to discuss Lineker’s comments.

One dad disagreed with the ban and said it would be more useful for parents to get lessons on how to support their kids with homework. 

However a school principal said Lineker had a point and homework needs a “clearer focus”.

Kirstie Allsopp also agreed with the comments.

“No evidence that under tens gain from homework and kids hate it,” she tweeted. “Parents hate it and teachers hate it.”

Several other parents soon tweeted Allsopp saying they agreed.

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