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Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special 2019: 11 Things We Hope To See Occurrin'

It's fair to say expectations are high for the festive reunion, which catches up with the characters 10 years on from the last episode.

It’s almost time for Gavin & Stacey to make a long-awaited return to our screens. 

It’s been 10 years since we last checked in with the cherished characters, but the gang will be back together again on Christmas Day as the cast reunite for a one-off special. 

The Gavin & Stacey cast in the 2008 Christmas special

To say expectations for the festive episode are high is something of an understatement, but luckily for all involved, early reviews have already hailed it as a “phenomenal”, “amazing” and “utterly lush”. 

Hopefully that means James Corden and Ruth Jones have done a good job of ticking off this list of 11 things we’re desperate to see occurrin’ when Gavin & Stacey returns... 

Smithy and Gavin taking on another Christmas classic


Smithy and Gav-a-lar’s take on Do They Know It’s Christmas? is one of the most iconic and beloved scenes in Gavin & Stacey history. And while some may consider it unbeatable, we can’t consider the idea of them not having a musical reprise.

All I Want For Christmas Is You would be glorious, while Last Christmas would also be a fitting way to honour George Michael, who took part in the very first Carpool Karaoke, which started life as a Smithy sketch for Sport Relief.  

Lots and lots of Pam


Pam Shipman is without doubt the best character in Gavin & Stacey, so she needs to be front and centre of the action – whether she’s trying to outdo Gwen with Christmas presents for the grandchildren or finding herself thrown out of the community Christmas concert after a fall-out with Fat No More Pat (who may now be referred to as Fat Again Pat). 

Plenty of tales from Nessa 


From her relationship with former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott to her time in Jools Holland’s brass band, Nessa led quite the life before she met Smithy.

While we left them firmly as a couple back in 2010, we kind of hope the ensuing years have seen her embark on more ridiculous adventures, rather than settling down with Smithy and Neil, the baby. 

We’re imagining something like an ill-fated appearance on Love Island, an affair with Piers Morgan and a stint at the helm of the Strictly band. Dave Arch who?

Uncle Bryn finding love


Having spent the duration of the series alone, wouldn’t it be interesting to see the dynamic of Bryn with a partner, who’d have to navigate his various eccentricities. 

A hat tip to Doris


Sadly, actor Margaret John died only a year after Gavin & Stacey finished in 2010, so there will be no appearance from Gwen’s randy neighbour this time around.

However, we’re expecting to see a fittingly cheeky tribute to the late star and her adorable character. 

As little screen time for the children as possible


Not being funny, like, but we don’t want to see a show centred around children, however many Gavin, Stacey, Nessa and Smithy now have between them all. So let’s just have them all out of sight playing in their rooms for the majority of the episode.

Finding out what they’re now calling Neil, The Baby


That said, we would like to know what Nessa is referring to Neil, The Baby now that he’s all grown up. Yes, we feel ancient too. 

A separated Pete and Dawnie having a festive affair


Pete and Dawn’s marriage had been on the brink for years in the original series, and to be honest, we were never sure which one we felt more sorry for. By now, though, we’d say one of them would probably have snapped and called time on their relationship.

But having now spent a number of years apart, we’d love to see Christmas bring the former couple back together as they embark on a clandestine festive affair behind the backs of their respective new partners.

An update on Mick’s turkey preferences 


While we remember Mick being a big fan of Nigella’s turkey recipe, there’s now a million different ways to prep and serve the Christmas bird – so is Mick still soaking his outside in the shed? Has he moved on to a three-bird roast? Or has Pam now put him on a strict vegan diet, following her own (ill-fated) attempt at vegetarianism? 

A cameo from Dave Coaches


So far, it hasn’t been announced whether actor Steffan Rhodri has reprised his role as Nessa’s ex, so we can only assume that he will not be appearing in the Christmas special.

It’s a real shame, though, as we’d love to know what he’s been up to since being jilted – and more importantly, to see if he’s still driving those coaches. 

To find out what happened on the fishing trip 


Yeah, this one’s never gonna happen, but we can all dream, right?

The Gavin & Stacey Christmas special airs at 8.30pm on Christmas Day on BBC One. 

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