Gemma Collins' 'Dancing On Ice' Partner Matt Evers Explains Why She Left Live Show Early

He's put the mishap down to a "miscommunication".

Gemma Collins‘Dancing On Ice’ partner Matt Evers has spoken out in her defence, as rumours continue to swirl about her behaviour behind the scenes on the show.

Following Sunday night’s show, Gemma was accused by presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield of leaving the studio before the live show was over after complaining she was bored.

The duo also claimed that Gemma had kept the studio waiting during rehearsals because she’d taken a nap.

Gemma Collins and Matt Evers
Gemma Collins and Matt Evers
SOPA Images via Getty Images

During a discussion about The GC on Wednesday’s ‘Lorraine’, her pro partner Matt Evers attempted to clarify things.

“After the group number, Gemma thought she was free to go, and that’s just miscommunication between stage management, her, everything,” he said.

“She got a text saying her car had arrived, and she asked someone – who? I’m not sure – if she could go, and they were like, ‘yeah, you’re finished’.”

He also insisted that the rumours about her taking a nap were not true.

“She did not have a nap,” he explained. “I mean we all want to take a nap on Sunday, because we’re there all day Saturday for rehearsals, we’re there first thing in the morning on Sunday, and then we have a dress rehearsal in the afternoon. And so by the time the show hits at 6 o’clock, you’re exhausted.”

The GC
The GC

He also said Gemma was just as committed to her rehearsing as anyone else, telling Lorraine Kelly: “I’m on my way into work right now and she’s about 15 minutes behind me. She’s coming into the rink today, we have a double session planned… and I’ve got a fantastic routine that’s planned for her.”

Meanwhile, ‘Dancing On Ice’ bosses have also been forced to speak out to dismiss rumours that Gemma had “refused to be filmed” and “thrown a camera crew off the ice” during her rehearsals.

Gemma and Matt will take to the ice for the second time in Sunday night’s ‘Dancing On Ice’, airing at 6pm on ITV. ‘Lorraine’ airs every weekday from 8.30am on ITV.

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