22/12/2020 17:18 GMT

Gemma Collins' Parents Both 'Extremely Unwell' With Covid-19

"Please take notice and keep your loved ones safe, it really is petrifying," the Diva Forever star wrote on Instagram.

Gemma Collins has revealed her parents are “extremely unwell” with Covid-19.

The reality star urged everyone to “stay home” and “stay safe” after her mum and dad Joan and Alan Collins tested positive for the virus, which she described as “heartbreaking”. 

Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock
Gemma Collins

Posting pictures of her parents on Instagram, Gemma wrote: “Please please please take notice of the guidelines ! Both my parents are extremely unwell with Covid 19!

“Seeing my dad cry which he never does ! Was a shock and say he would rather be dead then experience everything he is going through right now… this has totally wiped him out and it’s heartbreaking.

“My mum also is extremely extremely unwell with Covid also, this is real!”

Gemma continued: “And please please take notice and keep your loved ones SAFE, it really is petrifying.

“What a difference a year makes …. STAY HOME !!! STAY SAFE !!! SAVE LIFES without your health !!! You got nothing !!!!”

The Diva Forever star previously expressed frustration at some members of the public’s behaviour during the pandemic.

Sharing scenes of crowded streets, she wrote on Monday: “What was everyone trying to achieve ! Think twice !!!!! Protect your family friends loved ones. THINK TWICE.”