10/08/2019 11:56 BST

Gemma Collins Backs Paul Hollywood In Public Split From Girlfriend Over Non-Disclosure Agreement

The Great British Bake Off judge split from Summer Monteys-Fullam after she refused to sign the privacy contract.

Gemma Collins has backed Paul Hollywood after his relationship broke down when he asked his partner to sign a non-disclosure agreement. 

The Great British Bake Off judge split from girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam after she refused to sign the privacy contract, commonly known as an NDA. 

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Gemma Collins has publicly supported Paul Hollywood

Now Gemma has revealed she would also dump boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent if he would not agree to an NDA, adding that she believes Paul did the right thing. 

Speaking to The Sun, the reality star said: “In the past, James and I did have conversations and I said to him both of us would sign a prenup.

“And if James didn’t sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), I’d be like ‘see you later honey’.

“I totally back what Paul Hollywood did.”

Earlier this week, a solicitor for Paul said he had asked the former barmaid to sign a non-disclosure agreement “in order to protect Paul’s family and their private lives”.

He added: “I think that her refusal to discuss or sign it caused concern, understandably, so it’s not entirely surprising that they have gone their separate ways.”

Paul later broke his silence with a post on Instagram, taking a thinly-veiled jab at his ex. 

He wrote: “I know the public can’t be duped into believing what’s out there from a person making money selling stories! and continuously courting the paps...There’s always two sides to a story you’ve only heard one.. but alas I don’t play those games.”

Summer later hit back, claiming to have been “thrown under the bus” in the public row. 

She said she felt “betrayed” when asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement “as I had clearly demonstrated loyalty to Paul during our relationship”.

She added: “With regards to ‘courting the paps’ this is a baseless and ridiculous statement to make as they were a constant feature of our lives!”

Summer claimed she did not work with the paparazzi but because she accepted the attention as “part of our lives” and “dealt with it differently… I am now being thrown under the bus”.

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