13/12/2019 14:46 GMT | Updated 13/12/2019 15:22 GMT

Conservatives Win Whopping Majority Of 80 As St Ives Election Result Declared

Boris Johnson has overseen the largest Tory win since 1987.

Boris Johnson has led the Conservative Party to a final majority of 80 seats after a Tory victory was declared in St Ives. 

The Cornish constituency was the last to declare its results after bad weather delayed the collection of ballot boxes from the Isles of Scilly. 

The Tories made a net gain of 47 seats, reaching a total of 364. 

Election night saw a number of historic Labour constituencies – including Rother Valley, which had been a red seat for 101 years – fall into Tory hands. 

Speaking at a victory rally on Friday morning, the prime minister said the result was a “powerful new mandate to get Brexit done”

While the Conservatives celebrated their win, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn revealed he would stand down before the next election

It came after his party lost a whopping 59 seats, dropping from 242 in 2017 to 203. 

It was also a bad night for the Liberal Democrats, whose leader Jo Swinson failed to achieve re-election in her East Dunbartonshire seat

Voters instead backed the Scottish National Party’s candidate, 27-year-old Amy Callaghan. 

Nicola Sturgeon’s party scooped up 13 extra seats in the election, taking the SNP’s total count to 48. 

Hannah Mckay / Reuters
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced he would step down before the next election