08/11/2020 12:30 GMT

Geri Horner Becomes Queen Elizabeth I To Launch New YouTube Series And... It's A Lot

The Spice Girls star has dusted off her acting skills to play Elizabeth I, who she's hailed as a "Queen of Girl Power".

Geri Horner has transformed herself into Queen Elizabeth I for the launch of her new YouTube series, Rainbow Woman.

And, suffice to say… it’s a lot.

The former Spice Girls star debuted the first instalment of Rainbow Woman on Sunday afternoon, which sees her delivering a speech in character as Elizabeth I, who she describes as a “Queen of girl power and a Rainbow Woman”. 

YouTube/Rainbow Woman
Geri has dusted off her acting skills to portray Queen Elizabeth I

The four-minute clip also features Geri – in full Elizabethan attire – storming around Ashridge House, where the Tudor Queen lived in her youth, before being taken off in a horse-drawn carriage.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce,” Geri declares at the end of the video.

Announcing Rainbow Woman to her fans, Geri said: “Rainbow Woman is my love letter to you. It’s about sharing our spirit.  I’m taking you on a girl power adventure of discovery.

“Together, we go up a mountain, down the river and back in time ... and with music I wrote, it’ll be a 360 experience, for you, for us, for everybody.”

Yes, you read that correctly, we’re also being treated to brand new solo music from Geri as the series goes on.

YouTube/Rainbow Woman
Geri has hailed Elizabeth I as a "Queen of Girl Power"

A press release explained that the weekly series “is a collection of vibrant vignettes following her on big and little adventures, each hued with humour and their own message of hope and positivity”.

“Thank you for being there for me,” Geri added. “I want to be here with you.. for all the rainbow people.”

Anyone as intrigued as us can watch the new trailer for Rainbow Woman below: