Little Girl Occupies Herself By Pampering Her Pet Chicken (As You Do)

She gave him a 'pretend makeover'.

A video of a young girl grooming a chicken with a pink brush and comb is sweeping the internet.

The Brazilian five-year-old, who lives in a farm, happily chatted away to her feathered friend while being filmed.

Her mum, Flavia Leão, said she was giving the chicken a “pretend makeover” while it was raining outside.

“My animals are all treated like sons,” she told BuzzFeed News.


In the video, the girl can be heard saying to the chicken he’s already had a shower because he got wet in the rain.

“Do you always shower in the rain? My mum always gives me two showers!” she said.

The clip, uploaded to Facebook, has been viewed nearly eight million times.

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