18/05/2018 10:07 BST | Updated 22/05/2018 10:42 BST

Girl Writes Hilarious Note To Teacher 'From Her Mum' Explaining Why She Must Wear Sunglasses

We have no idea what gave the game away...

You’d usually assume it’d be teenagers forging notes from parents to get out of PE or to fake a reason as to why they haven’t done their homework, but this girl has started the blagging game a lot earlier. 

Evelyn, from London, was determined to wear her sunglasses at school and she had a genius idea of how she was gong to be able to make that happen. The resourceful five-year-old wrote a note to her teacher - pretending to be her mum - explaining why she had to wear them.

“Evelyn has hayfever,” she wrote on a bright pink post-it note. “She needs sunglasses.” 

We have no idea what gave the game away...

Evelyn’s dad, Jon Hillcock, posted the note to Twitter on 17 May and got more than 2,000 likes. He also explained that his daughter doesn’t even have hayfever.

Hoping the note would be a success, Evelyn even took her sunglasses in her book-bag, waiting for the go-ahead.  

Hillcock’s tweet went down well on Twitter, with most people impressed with Evelyn’s attempt.

We hope she got to wear her sunnies. 

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