This 'Girlie Glue' Lets You Stick Flowers And Ribbons To Your Daughter's Head

Now you'll never get your kids' gender mixed up.

Parents! Ever desperately wanted to identify your baby as a girl by attaching a ribbon or flower to her skull, but just not had the right tools? We have the answer.

No longer will strangers be confused by the gender of your newborn as ‘Girlie Glue’ means you can safely secure pink accessories in place all day long, even if she hasn’t a single hair on her scalp.

The all-natural glue product is made from agave nectar (so suitable for vegans too) and other natural ingredients, and is created with the purpose of allowing parents to make their daughters “look more feminine”.

As the website says: “It is never too early to be Girlie!”

Katie Hydrick, CEO and creator of the product, first came up with the idea when she got fed up of uncomfortable headbands and bows, but her children were bald so she couldn’t use conventional hair clips.

Instead she went to her kitchen and “whipped up” the first batch of what would later become the ‘Girlie Glue’.

But, predictably, the product hasn’t gone done well with everyone.

Simon Ragoonanan, blogger at Man Vs. Pink, exclusively told The Huffington Post UK: “Gluing anything to your baby’s head is obviously barbaric, but worsened by the fact that it’s a product called Girlie Glue to stick gender stereotyped accessories to the baby girl’s head. Why are these parents so keen for the world to know that their baby is a girl that they’re prepared to glue things to the baby’s head?”

And, never short of an opinion, Twitter has had something to say as well.

Hydrick told HuffPost UK: “Girlie Glue has never suggested that a baby, or anyone needs to wear a bow to clarify their gender. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and wear or dress their children in what they want.

“To those who say we discriminate against boys, that is absurd. Anyone who would like to use our product or our accessories on their boys is more than welcome to.

“My boys use Girlie Glue regularly as a styling gel, and for dressing up! For those who do want to put an accessory on their baby, Girlie Glue offers another option for putting one on.”