10/12/2020 07:52 GMT | Updated 08/01/2021 12:01 GMT

Here's Why Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell Still Don't Plan To Marry After 37 Years

The couple, who have both previously been married, admitted that "sometimes marriage doesn't work".

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell may have immortalised their relationship in the classic 1987 rom-com Overboard, but it’s their off-screen love story that continues to captivate ― and, in some cases, perplex ― fans over nearly four decades.

The couple are sharing their screen once again in The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two, playing Santa and Mrs. Claus. In an interview with People to promote the movie, they explained why they still have no plans to marry despite being committed to each other for 37 years. 

As in previous interviews, Hawn shrugged off the implication that there was some secret to her relationship’s success. “It’s not about the marriage,” she said. “It’s about the people and the relationship, and the will to stay together.

“And that’s a big one because if you want it, you can have it. You’ve got to give things up, but the joy and the excitement of being together and touching the toes of somebody at night is really a nice feeling.”

Russell added: “For people like us, the marriage certificate wasn’t going to create anything that otherwise we wouldn’t have.”

Hawn, 75, was previously married to Gus Trikonis from 1969 to 1976. Later in 1976, she married Bill Hudson, with whom she shares children Oliver and Kate Hudson. She and Hudson divorced in 1982. 

As for Russell, he was married to Season Hubley from 1979 to 1983. 

Those past relationships, Hawn said, were an example of the fact that “sometimes marriage doesn’t work.”

“You’ve just got to want to be together,” she added. “I don’t think there’s any way other than do it.”

Hawn and Russell first met in 1983 while filming the World War II period drama Swing Shift, which also starred Ed Harris and Holly Hunter. Three years later, they welcomed a son, Wyatt.

Though they never exchanged vows, the couple have always put their blended family front and centre. Both of Hawn’s children from her previous marriage refer to Russell as “Pa,” and in 2000, he walked Kate Hudson down the aisle at her wedding to Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson.